However, most of the times in a close combat people die for not having high-quality weapons. So, make sure to always trade the weapons with better ones when you get the opportunity.

As soon as you land on the ground, High-quality weapon along with pubg aimbot shooting becomes easy. Even with just good weapons, a player can face opponents with remarkable weapons if using the correct hacks and cheats. These give one the ultra-power of finishing off enemies with just a few swift shots.
Well, let’s come back to the weapons’ list with which this hack works best.

I. Assault rifles are a good way to go

AKM is always an excellent option when going into battle. With a damaging capability of 49, these are quite handy to eliminate opponents quickly. Also, Groza has the same damaging power as AKM. However, Groza is only available from supply drop crate from planes.

AKM uses 7.62mm bullets which can shoot an enemy down with just five or fewer shots. However, sticking to semi-automatic is ideal for medium or long-range shot. In the hands of a right individual, this beast will spit fire to slay down all the opponents.

Groza uses the same calibre rounds; however, it has unrivalled damage per second as well as its firing rate which shoots 750 rounds per minute. These weapons with pubg hack are a combination every gamer wants.

II. Sniper Rifles for eliminating enemies from a distance

AWM falls under the ‘god’ weapon category. This rear weapon is best among all sniper rifles. Players can get it from the supply crates of planes. One-shot kill is guaranteed for unarmored opponents and shoot twice if one wears a protective vest. Headshots guarantee a kill irrespective of what protective headgear one wears. Also, it chambers .328 Lapua Magnum or .300 Winchester magnum which makes this sniper rifle the best in the game.

AWM with pubg aimbot will guarantee a gamer’s win!

M24 is another rifle which is not as remarkable as AWM but gets the job done. With a hit damage of 88, this is the second best sniper rifle in PUBG. However, similar to AWM, an individual can acquire this item from the supply crate drops. If a player still wants to opt for sniper rifles, then he/she can select KAR98 which is a close to third in this category.

III. DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Mini14 is a DMR that has medium damage capability of 46 and sub-standard rate of fire. However, its bullet velocity is even better than AWM. Low bullet drop and excellent travel time make long-range shots a breeze for gamers. Also, with pubg hack, this machine could wreak havoc. If you want to learn more then check out

Other than this one can also use the SKS which sports 7.62mm calibres. It hits harder than an assault rifle and also doesn’t compromise firing rate. Moreover, it can be found in multiple locations making it easy to find one.

So, if you are looking to have your chicken dinner, these are the weapons a gamer need along with pubg aimbot!

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